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Find Your Own Calcutta

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by author: William J. Murdock

  • Live a meaningful life
  • Find joy in a life of service to those in need.
  • and much much more.

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Find your way

In a tumultuous and ever-changing world, it seems that it is becoming more difficult to find a life of meaning and service that can rise above the noise and distractions of the selfish times in which we live. Find Your Own Calcutta brings to light the great example of Mother Teresa and others who have found a life of joy and meaning in reaching out to those in need. They are simple examples we can all follow in finding our true calling in the service of others.

About the Author

William Murdock is the co-founder and executive director of Eblen Charities and the Eblen Center for Social Enterprise in Asheville, N.C. Much of the inspiration for his work has come from his personal correspondence with Mother Teresa of Calcutta and his work has been featured globally in the New York Times, PBS NewsHour, the Charleston Post-Currier and other media outlets. In 2014 he was awarded the Mother Teresa Global Prize for Peace and Leadership along with noted author Dr. John Maxwell. He lives in Arden, North Carolina.

What people are saying

His book illustrates how Mother Teresa taught us by her example what it really means to ``live`` the Gospel, and is a strong testament to her humanity and faith. It also serves as an instructional manual on how those simple principles can guide us as we work to change our lives, our community, and the lives of those around us. Much more than a philosophical study, this book is an inspirational call to action, challenging the way we think and live. It can help each of us find

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